Extollo helps extend the reach of your wireless Internet without invasive installation

Say goodbye to your home or workplace’s dead zones and ditch those long, unsightly ethernet cables!



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Extollo’s adapters are simple to use. Simply plug the adapters into an electrical outlet, connect the Ethernet cables to your Internet router or digital device, and a secure network has been created!


Use your wider and stronger connection to work, browse, watch, explore,

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The Benefits of Extollo

  • Increases strength and reach of your wireless Internet connection using your homes existing electrical wiring

  • No invasive cable installation necessary - no wall drilling and no long, unsightly Ethernet cables

  • Sends Wi-Fi signals across the electrical wiring in the walls to Wi-Fi “dead zones” where traditional Wi-Fi would not reach

  • 128-bit AES encryption; data is encrypted as it is transmitted through the power lines

  • Easy and quick installation

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