Industrial IoT Solutions

Internet of Things Communication Modules

A Simpler, Smarter Approach to Industrial Internet of Things Communications

Communication is central to the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT devices can’t achieve their full potential unless they can all communicate seamlessly. We provide the communication modules that integrate all of your equipment and all of your protocols, both old and new, into an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

Extollo designs and manufactures custom and generic HD-PLC communicate modules that enable IoT devices to network with other devices at megabit data rates. Our communication modules use the existing electrical AC or DC power lines, coax or twisted-pair wires as the data communications medium.

Take advantage of the existing wireline infrastructure and quickly deploy large systems without time-consuming network planning or costly devices like switches and routers, thanks to built-in mesh networking functionality and Centralized Matrix based Source Routing (CMSR) mechanisms.

Build bigger, more efficient bidirectional IoT IP networks, add more intelligence, more flexibility and secure it all without the cost or headaches of deploying a new wiring infrastructure.


Simply plug in your devices and the network takes care of the rest. Centralized Matrix based Source Routing (CMSR) automatically calculates route costs and dynamically optimizes traffic for up to 1024 nodes per mesh network. Multi-hop technology canextend the communication range up to 10 times, making it perfect for large smart city and smart building deployments.


Protect your network, built-in AES-128 bit encryption engine brings security to every node meeting the cybersecurity demands of modern industrial IoT applications.


240 Mbps PHY throughput supports a wide range of applications, from sensor networks to HD surveillance systems.


No additional construction is necessary, use existing wiring including twisted pair, coaxial, Ethernet, phone or power lines to reduce installation costs.


We believe that a standard’s approach to an IoT IP network has an advantage over all others. Modules conform to the IEEE 1901, IEEE 802.3u & ITU-T G.9905 standards.


We provide a complete connectivity stack between virtually any sensor type and IoT device even in the most demanding environments.

  • Building and Home Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Video-Entry Systems
  • Security/Surveillance Systems
  • Smart Street Lighting
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  • Solar Energy Management and Monitoring
  • Smart Grid Applications
  • Mining Applications
Feature Benefit
Scalable Up to 1024 heterogeneous IoT elements per HD-PLC domain
Wide Coverage Up to ten (10) Kilometers using multi-hop configuration
High-Speed 240Mbps PHY / 100Mbps MAC transmission rates
Reliable Bi-directional communication with Internet Protocol (IP)
Secure Data is encrpyted using 128-bit AES encryption algorithm
Network Topologies Meshed and point to multipoint
Connectivity Ethernet and serial RS-232/422/485
Environmental Operating Temp: -40°C to +85°C
Standards IEEE 1901, IEEE 802.3u & ITU-T G. 9905
Visibility Monitoring and network management

What is HD-PLC?

HD-PLC is an international open standard based on IEEE 1901 and ITU-T G.9905 for long-range, high-speed communication over any wire. It combines a high-frequency range (2MHz to 28MHz) with wavelet-based OFDM modulation that is capable of achieving PHY speeds up to 240Mbps over any wire (power lines, twisted-pair, and coax).

Multi-hop mesh technology extends the communication range of HD-PLC by enabling each node to act as a repeater so that data can “hop” from one device to another up to 10 times over a distance of several kilometers.

Contact Extollo to learn more about our HD-PLC communication modules and how they can help you break through bandwidth bottlenecks and cost barriers over other legacy wireline technologies for your smart IoT application.